Hi penguin pals,

The "Open Alpha" part of our project is coming to an end soon.

It will be replaced with "Closed Beta", as our roadmap says.

The next "stop" is "Closed Beta".

In this part of the project, we'll be done with major bugs, and we'll focus on the smaller ones.

But what did we achieve in Open Alpha?

Open Alpha was the public start of the project.

It contained a lot of major bugs. Which we have fixed.

It was also the first time to interact with the community for the first time.

We had some fun time together. Community Meetups, Igloo Contest, Halloween Style Contest etc.

For example the 'Club Penguin 16th Birthday Community Meetup':

Our community helped us with the game too.

More than 100 bugs were reported by our players.

We are all excited to see what's coming in the next chapter.

With love,

Chris and the entire Waddle Penguins Island Team

Waddle On!